Watch Val Kilmer Transform Into Mark Twain

Making the rounds today are a series of images depicting Val Kilmer’s two hour long transformation into Mark Twain for his one-man play, Citizen Twain.

He captioned the pictures on Twitter with one-liners like, “Good Twain selfie,” and “It’s a Soul Twain, the name of my new album.”

“There’s a part of the makeup that starts to become the way I understand Mark Twain,” Kilmer told the Los Angeles Times in July.”

“He’s old in my story … old people are often frustrated because their movement becomes restricted.”

That seems to be a very simplified understanding of old people, but I’ll allow it. What do old people care anyway. They give no fucks.

These pictures are god damn creepy. Or is it because I just find old people creepy? All those wrinkles and that sadness in his eyes? Yikes.

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