‘Breaking Bad’ Won at the Emmys

If you’re wondering who won the Emmy for Best Drama, you must live under a rock or something. What hooker did YOU kill to be hiding like that? Anyway, it was Breaking Bad. Though surprisingly, Bryan Cranston did not win Best Actor. That went to Jeff Daniels for The Newsroom? I’m phrasing that as a question because I have no idea how that happened. The Newsroom is a terrible show. It’s so formulaic that you wonder if the whole thing wasn’t written using Aaron Sorkin’s patented paint-by-numbers script writing process.

History was made last night, however, when Netflix’s House of Cards received an Emmy nomination for Best Drama which makes me not feel so bad about my $8/mo subscription which I use mainly for 3 of their series and searching for movies that they don’t have. Weekend at Bernies? C’mon, Netflix.

Then there were the celebrities who showed up. Maria Menounos won because she looked the hottest. Sofia Vergara came in second place because she dressed up as the red carpet. And boobs. Lena Dunham came in last because she dressed up as a peacock. She could have at least made up for it by being majestic as f*ck.

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