Dina Lohan Got a DUI

With Lindsay Lohan sober-ish, someone has to pick up the slack. Enter Dina Lohan. Dina was arrested for drunk driving in Long Island Thursday night at 11 pm. She was going 77 in a 55 when she was pulled over. Cops tested her blood alcohol which was at a .20, much more than twice the legal limit. In fact, I’m not even sure how she was driving. What a tank.

According to officials, “Lohan made an allegation that she was injured during the course of the arrest” … but when medical personnel responded to the scene and determined she was fine, Dina “recanted her claim.”

Lohan was hauled to a nearby station where she was booked on two counts of driving while intoxicated and one count of speeding.

After posing for a squinty-eyed mug shot, Lohan was released to a sober 3rd party. So far, no word on WHO picked up Lohan from the station.

It’s good to know that at least someone is upholding the Lohan name. Not like those quitters Lindsay and Michael.

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