Farrah Abraham a Beacon of Hope for Women

Let’s talk about the interview Farrah Abraham did with the Miami New Times’ Cutlist where she talked about her “leaked” sex tape and being a feminist or, rather, “very feminine.”

The interview starts with Farrah discussing her restaurateur aspirations. She’s opening up a chain of restaurants starting in Austin where she lives now and expanding to bars and strip clubs. A logical progression of diversification. She learned that in business school or wherever she’s getting an online degree from.

She was then asked about her sex tape and how it came about. Turns out she’s still sticking with the story that the professionally shot porn video she released was actually a “leaked” video she filmed with her, at the time, porn star boyfriend, James Deen.

I’ve heard you speak about how your sex tape came about, and I don’t understand the narrative. Can you expand on it?
Basically, how my sex tape came about is how I live my life. I’m 22, I’m very sexual, I’m single. A boyfriend of mine at the time, which was James [Deen], is in the industry and makes videos all the time, and so I thought it was a comfortable situation to have my only sex video with him. Proved me wrong, obviously, because it was leaking out, and I was starting to have people reach out to me. Maybe he did that because he wanted to promote his film at the time, The Canyons, which was coming out with Lindsay Lohan. So it turned into a hurtful chain of events, so I involved my lawyer. Other companies were reaching out and wanted to buy it, so I ended up selling it. And against all odds of everybody else telling me not to sell it, not to do it or whatever — it was already out, it was already going to be out there for free. So I made a business deal out of it. I’m smart, and I’m happy that I did that.

I like how she describes the narrative. “It was leaking out.” As if it were a runny nose or an std. I also like how she assumes everyone is as much of an idiot as her and doesn’t know for a fact that the only way that sex tape could be released is if she signed off on it. It wasn’t “already out” or “going to be out there for free.” That could have never happened without her permission.

Are you guys still together?
Nope, I’m definitely not talking to him or dating him anymore. I’m not really going to say how long or what we’ve done. This is really not about him.

It’s surprising she didn’t add in a “you can watch my tape if you want to know what we’ve done. Only $5 for a 4 day subscription at”

Anyway, the interviewer played along and slipped in a question about feminism. Specifically, if she considered herself one.

It sounds pretty shitty that he went behind your back and leaked your personal tape. Do you consider yourself a feminist?
I’m pretty feminine. I think so.

Not feminine — feminist.
What does that mean, you’re a lesbian or something?

No, that’s not what I’m asking at all.
What context are you saying it in?

It’s a complicated concept, but I guess at its most basic, it means that women are equal to men.
Oh, I definitely feel that women are equal to men. No doubt about that. I mean women should have equal rights to men, every day.

It must have taken a lot of willpower to not grab Farrah’s shoulders and shake her as violently as possible. That space between her head probably would have made a sound like a rock in a tin can.

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