Jaden Smith Recommends You Drop Out of School

Poor, Jaden. He was born into a filthy rich family and was immediately surrounded by yes-men growing up which has lead to this point in his life where he’s spewing all over Twitter about how school is a tool to brainwash the youth and suggesting that if everyone in the world dropped out of school, we’d have a much more intelligent society. I mean, all he needed were the best private tutors money can buy and he turned out just fine. Why can’t everyone else do the same?

Haha, an education to fall back on? Why would you need that when you got a $15 million trust fund waiting for you when you turn 18? More like a pile of cash to fall back on, amirite? Even so, it’s not that hard to get a job, people. Look at Jaden. Nothing was handed to him. Those roles with his dad in After Earth and Pursuit of Happyness were the direct result of hard work and determination. Nepotism? Jaden doesn’t even know the meaning of the word. Mainly because he never let school brainwash him with it.

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