Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Fiance Under Investigation

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s fiance, Brian Hallisay, is being investigated after he beat up a photog. Maybe “beat up” isn’t the right phrase. It’s more like got into a shoving match with a photog which made him hit himself in the eye with his camera.

Reports say Hewitt and Hallisay were leaving Toscana in Brentwood when a photog came up to them to take pictures. The two told him to back off but he ignored them.

Hallisay then got in his face and during a “scuffle” the cameraman got hit near the eye with his own camera.

Hewitt felt bad so she let the paparazzo snap a few more shots before leaving. Since this guy is a photog, he then went to the police and filed a battery report against Hallisay. Sources say there were no visible injuries to his face or eye and that he’s just a big, whiny baby. “Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?,” Hallisay should have said to him.

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