Jenny McCarthy Thought Donnie Wahlberg Was Gay

Before Jenny McCarthy started dating Donnie Wahlberg, she thought he was a total h**o. She gave him her number when he was on her VH1 talk show and he didn’t call for two weeks.

The couple first met in March on the set of McCarthy’s Vh1 talk show. “I went a year without dating anybody,” the buxom blonde recalled. “So I don’t know if I was really randy or really ready, but he was there and I gave him my phone number.” She added, “I’ve never given a guy my number, but I was interested.”

McCarthy, 40, was dumbfounded when she didn’t immediately hear from Wahlberg. “‘It took two weeks for him to call me back, and I thought for sure he was playing for a different team, if you know what I’m saying,” she said. “That’s of course my ego, a girl’s ego: ‘He must be married, he’s gay, what’s wrong?'”

Or maybe he was debating on the pros and cons of dating a woman who thinks vaccinations lead to autism. If someone believes that despite all the scientific evidence to the contrary, who knows what she’s going to be like in the future. But looks like Donnie took a chance and decided to stick his dick in crazy. Yolo or something to that effect.

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10 years ago

Maybe he was just turned off by her disease ridden vagina?