Jon Gosselin Waits Tables Now

There’s no quasi-celebrity who’s experienced rock bottom as many times as Jon Gosselin. He used to be one half of the most popular reality show on TLC about a family raising 8 stupid kids. Then he and Kate Gosselin got divorced, he went full retard with Ed Hardy and now he’s working as a waiter in his hometown of Pennsylvania where everyone knows his name and looks at him with pity.

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Gosselin for their “Where Is This Poor Bastard Now?” segment and talked a little about how his life is now. I guess they just wanted to pour salt in his wounds.

By the way, Gosselin now works at Black Dog restaurant waiting tables.

Of the experience he said: ‘At first I was nervous because I was like, “How are people going to react?”

‘But then I’m thinking, “Well it’s fun and I get to talk to people.” And they technically already know me…they’re like “Are you the guy?” I’m like, “Yeah, I’m the guy.”’

I wonder if he says that with a heavy, soul crushing sigh. “Yep, I’m the guy.” *Forms gun with fingers, puts in mouth*

HuffPo makes note that a few years ago, he and his family were making $22,500 per episode. After his split, he partied everywhere even sipping champagne on yachts while wearing comped Ed Hardy t-shirts. He was living every frat boys dream. Until it all ended one day.

While he’s not struggling to make ends meet, he does say he’s “hit rock bottom like 20 times.” Not in the way that someone hits rock bottom and builds themselves up again either. In the way that someone hits rock bottom and just when they think it can’t get any worse, falls even further to a new rock bottom.

“Jon has really hit rock bottom,” a source told the Enquirer. “Just a few years ago, he was jetting off to France to hobnob in St. Tropez, sipping champagne on a yacht. Now he’s waiting tables at a pub! Working the weekday lunch shift, he can’t possibly be taking home more than $40 or $50.”

Wait, that quote was from Kate Gosselin, right? No one can so passive-aggressively delight in someone’s failure quite like she can.

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