Justin Bieber Kicked His Friends Out of His Mansion

Justin Bieber’s friends, Lil Twist and Lil Za, were living the life. Driving Bieber’s fancy cars, living in his mansion (probably rent free), pretending they were celebrities by association. But then they had to go and throw parties while Justin was gone which was bad news for them because a bunch of jewelry went missing.

Because of that, Justin decided to kick them out of his mansion. TMZ says Twist and Za are pissed. And they have every right to be. What an asshole. Letting them leech of his money and fame and then taking it all away. Just like that. They should petition the court for entourage support. It’s like celebrity spousal support but with a lot more uncontrollable laughter from the judge.

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10 years ago

Let’s not pretend this story has a protagonist. Bieber’s a little shitstain too.