Lamar Odom Is Smoking Crack With Two Chicks

A report by TMZ claims Lamar Odom is hiding in a private home in a gated community 100 miles from LA smoking crack and partying with 2 women in their early 20’s, one of whom he’s having sex with.

Multiple sources say Lamar’s driver has been going back and forth from LA to score drugs, but only small quantities of crack to not draw suspicion.

He’s apparently been reduced to a walking stereotype as well. “His life now revolves around smoking crack and listening to rap music.” Way to fight those cliches, Lamar. Odom is also extremely paranoid.

Our sources say Lamar is extremely paranoid about getting caught.  He believes people — not the 2 girls — are watching him so he’s using a phone app that allows him to text people but the texts are automatically deleted once the texts are read.  The app also notifies Lamar if they try and screenshot the message.

It’s either Snapchat or Burn Note and with both, there are still ways to take a screenshot without it setting off the notification. Anyway, he’s been living in 3 different places for the last 2 months because he thinks if he keeps moving, he won’t get caught. Like a cracked out David Carradine from Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. And we all know how that turned out. *Points to belt*

As far as Khloe Kardashian goes, he isn’t worried she’ll leave him because he knows she loves him considering she’s stood by him throughout this whole thing. Though I’m not sure hearing about he’s railing some chick while smoking crack is going to help convince her to keep staying with him. “Oh, don’t worry baby. I don’t love her like I love you,” said the smoothest crackhead in the world.

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8 years ago


8 years ago

embracing his inner blackness

8 years ago

Don’t 2 chicks equal 1 Khloe anyway?

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