Lamar Odom’s Roommate Saw Him Do Crack

For whatever reason, Polina Polonsky, a criminal defense attorney, lived with Lamar Odom for 6 weeks in June and July. She says she met Lamar at the Roosevelt and invited him to stay at her place. A totally normal thing for a woman to offer a married man apparently. She then tells TMZ that during her time living with him, she witnessed him smoking crack and doing other drugs.

Polina says Odom eventually became paranoid going as far as taking the battery out of his phone because he thought he was being tracked by GPS. Though that’s not too far fetched considering Khloe could have found out his Apple password. Granted, he did also cover the smoke detectors with paper towels. But that was probably more to keep them from going off when he smoked that crack rock.

Polonsky also says Khloe Kardashian came charging through the door in July like an “uncaged animal” and took Lamar out. She later received a text from Lamar calling her a “groupie, junkie and crack head.” She thinks Khloe sent the text from Lamar’s phone.

That must have been terrifying to see that silver back charging at you. I would have flung some poo at her asap. I believe that’s how you defend against a charging gorilla. According to Jane Goodall, of course.

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