Malibu Cops Continue to Harass Mel Gibson

Looks like those Malibu cops really have it in for Mel Gibson. Back in 2006, they busted Mel for a DUI and made him look bad when that report of him ranting about the Jews and calling an officer “sugar tits” came out. Now they’re giving him a hard time again. This time at a DUI checkpoint on the same Pacific Coast Highway he was caught last time.

According to reports, those asshole cops asked Mel if he had been drinking and he said no but because Mel didn’t have his drivers license on him, they asked him to go to a secondary screening spot. Well, enough was enough and Mel got tired of constantly being harassed by these fascist pigs.

We’re told Mel yelled, “Why are you harassing me?”  Deputies asked why Mel was screaming and he responded, “I have had problems with you Lost Hills [Malibu] deputies in the past.” Things cooled down when deputies let Mel off with a warning.

What? No bitter rant about the Jews or telling the cops to blow him? Looks like Mel has really slowed down in his old age.

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10 years ago

He should have just said he was an illegal alien, then they would have kissed his ass and sent him on his way.