Modeling Is Hard Claims Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin was born with a silver spoon up in her mouth so she hasn’t had to face much in the way of adversity. But now that she’s all grown up and making her way in the real world, adversity is hitting her like a ton of bricks. Take her modeling job, for instance.

Ireland tells Du Jour magazine that modeling is “much harder than I anticipated.” She explains, “It really takes a lot out of you. Though, it is really fun and I never thought I would meet all those lovely people.”

Being a glorified coat rack is hard work, you guys. Those dudes picking strawberries in 90+ degree weather and those firefighters risking their lives totally would not want to trade jobs with her.

Ireland then talked about her other career aspirations which include, what else, acting. “My end goal is to act, write and direct . . . I grew up on my parents’ movie sets and so desperately wanted to be in their position. I would love to be in a comedy or remake of a classic novel.”

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10 years ago

And just like her dad, she can’t keep her stupid mouth shut.