Nicole Kidman Down, Pressing Charges

Nicole Kidman was thrown to the ground yesterday by a bicycling paparazzi. One Carl Wu was hurtling toward Kidman on his bike and slammed into her as she was returning to the Carlyle Hotel from the Calvin Klein show at New York’s Fashion Week.

Carl didn’t intentionally run into her like he was trying to send her a message or anything (why can’t you make good movies anymore). He did hit the brakes but there wasn’t enough time to stop. The gravity from Kidman’s stardom was too strong.

Kidman was pissed and called the cops to press charges. Witnesses said Nicole had no visible injuries while cops say they won’t arrest him for a criminal offense, only write him a ticket for riding his bike on the sidewalk.

TMZ got some video of Carl leaving the police station. Judging by the way he sprinted through traffic like Usain Bolt, he probably wasn’t up for an interview.

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