Scott Disick Is a Lovely Person

There’s nothing more endearing than a down-to-earth celebrity except, maybe, a quasi-celebrity who flaunts his inherited wealth and calls everyone who can’t hold a brick of $100 bills to their ear “peasants.” It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Here’s Scott Disick making the most use out of his Instagram by posting pictures of him playing with his “hard-earned” money. $100 for toilet paper? Yup. Pretending a stack of $100’s is a phone? Sure. A Birkin covered in hundreds? You betcha.

Granted, this seems to all be a parody of that 17-year-old kid Lavish’s Instagram profile¬†which itself seems like a parody of… something. Though I’m convinced that both of these guys made a bet on who would be punched in the face first.

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