Adrian Peterson Has More Secret Children

Ever since reports broke that NFL star Adrian Peterson’s secret 2-year-old child died from injuries stemming from abuse, more and more women are coming forward saying they too have an Adrian Peterson love-child. It’s the new fad. Like pogs.

Yesterday, a waitress at a popular Minnesota nightclub was revealed to be the mother of his second secret child. A 3-month-old girl. The two met while she was waiting on him at Seven, a steakhouse/sushi place/ultralounge.

The mother posted on her Facebook after the death of Peterson’s first secret kid, “Today has been a long day finding out my [daughter’s] brother passed away and knowing that she never even got to meet him.”

While she’ll never be able to meet her brother, she may be able to meet Peterson’s third secret kid. This one from Erica Syion, a former dancer who worked at a gentleman’s club in Dallas. Her secret child is 4-years-old.

Sources say she and Adrian have a financial arrangement in which he pays for the kid’s schooling and living expenses.

All in all, Peterson has 5 kids. 3 of them secret until now. Which is terrible news because it does nothing to help dispel the black stereotype.

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