Alec Baldwin Still Hates the Paparazzi

You’re not going to believe this but Alec Baldwin has a strong distaste for the paparazzi. Sometimes it’s hard to tell because he’s always so calm and collected but, in this letter he wrote to the East Hampton Star in late September, you can tell he doesn’t care much for them. It’s pretty long so here are the highlights.

Fifteen or 20 minutes of separating himself from every other person in the vicinity by seeking to casually invade the privacy of people out in public and attempting to live their lives in peace; by insisting that he has a job to do and that public figures are never, ever entitled to normal consideration, even in small-town East Hampton; by lying in wait, like kidnappers and home invaders do, then abruptly popping up to find the desired moment to take advantage of. Then walking into a place of business, standing 10 feet away from his “target,” acting as if nothing happened.

That is the second description of one of the photogs he mentions. He doesn’t like the guy. Don’t know if that was apparent.

What has gone wrong with our society that this vermin has spawned in East Hampton? These are not New Yorkers that have slithered out here. They are home grown. They are locals. And they obviously have no idea about how to live in a community like ours.

I hope that our local government will address this issue, which has nothing to do with freedom of the press and everything to do with criminal harassment, abuse, and authorizing the intimidation and stalking of one group in our society while protecting the basic rights of all others.

On one hand, rich famous people probably deserve the same rights to privacy as normal people who can’t afford to spend all day writing and re-writing angry letters to the East Hampton Star do. On the other hand, it’s Alec Baldwin so f**k him.

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