Beyonce Did Not Photobomb This Girl

If you’ve been reading the internet this week, you may have seen this picture of Beyonce photobombing Valentina, a 15-year-old Australian girl taking a selfie. This because she simply wrote on her Tumblr, “OMG OMG OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT HAPPENED TO ME.”

Truth is, it wasn’t a photobomb and she asked for it. That’s right. I’m blaming the victim.

“i dont even know it was such a blur i just remember her bending down to me and my friend and i just turned for the photo and wowoowow it was the best moment ever like she posed its crazy i wasnt even expecting her to look at my phone or notice me in the crowd.”

Okay so as most of the people that have recently followed me i have been the girl that got her selfie ”photobombed” by Beyonce when in fact i asked her for the photo so she posed and smiled as the perfect person she is!

just thought i’d clear the air haha

You can all calm down now because it’s way less cool now that you know it was staged. Your life is a lie.


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