Christina Applegate’s Husband Slapped a Photog

Porno for Pyros bassist Martyn LeNoble (Mr. Christina Applegate) was cuffed on Sunday for slapping a photog in Studio City.

Video via TMZ shows Martyn being detained and patted down on a street corner after a paparazzo complained that he got physical with him.

LeNoble explains that he confronted the photog after he started taking pictures of his wife and 2-year-old at a birthday party. “I went outside to talk to him and he got physical with me … he wouldn’t back off.” LeNoble went on to cite the fact that he’s gotten death threats in the past and he didn’t know who the guy was.

According to the NYDN, one officer says the photog claimed LeNoble slapped him in the face. However, LeNoble says they just chest bumped each other before walking away.

LeNoble said he believed the photographer was trying to “provoke a fight” to get more photos he could sell for even more money.

He claimed the pap invited him to go to a “back alley and fight.”

“Let’s see what kind of man you are,” the photographer allegedly said, according to LeNoble.

The rocker has joined a growing number of celebrity parents trying to keep paparazzi away from their kids.

This seems like a lot of nothing. I’m not taking this seriously until one of them takes a glove off and slaps the other guy in the face with it.

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