Craig Robinson Just Wanted to Party

In the Bahamas for a comedy show, Craig Robinson was arrested after trying to board a plane with half a gram of weed and 18 ecstasy pills. Guy wanted to party.

Robinson pled guilty on two counts of drug possession. He was facing up to 4 years in prison until the magistrate decided to just fine him $1,000 and tell him to leave the country immediately.

Robinson told the court he didn’t know weed and ecstasy were illegal in the Bahamas. Afterward, law enforcement told reports that the incident was “nothing major.”

Oh, it’s just some weed and 18 pills of ecstasy. No biggie. In fact, I’m high right now. Next question. You sir. The dragon in the sport coat.

Side note: God, that header is a great picture.

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10 years ago

Half a gram of weed? Was it stuck in his navel?

The Blemish
10 years ago
Reply to  bobalouski

Sometimes he mixes his weed with belly lint