Dina Lohan Has a Solid Argument for Her DUI

Back in September, Dina Lohan was busted for DUI. She blew a .20 when tested and was hauled off to jail. She then hired attorney Mark Heller, who worked for Lindsay Lohan before he was let go for being incompetent. At least that’s what I assume. Anyway, Heller created a solid defense for Dina’s DUI. He says it’s all the paparazzi’s fault. Blame other people. It’s the Lohan mantra.

Here’s the argument … Dina’s lifestyle presents lots of challenges and stress, brought on by the barrage of photogs that follow her. Those stresses caused Dina to down enough alcohol to register a .20 blood alcohol level as she tooled down the road. Short story — it’s our fault, not hers.

The pressure of dealing with paparazzi lead Dina to drink and drive. Can’t argue with that. Mark Heller seems like an amazing attorney. That degree from DeVry is really paying off.

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