Everyone Says the ‘Entourage’ Movie Is On

Alright, bros. Today is your lucky day. Bust out that Natty Ice, shove a beer bong up your butthole and start chugging because Entourage: The Movie is finally happening.

After being greenlit in January, the Entourage movie is being confirmed by most of the major players. This despite a post by Adrian Grenier two weeks ago who demanded equal pay for everyone involved. Creator Doug Ellin recently tweeted a picture of the group with the simple message “It’s a go. love you all.”

This was followed by multiple tweets from Jeremy Piven, Jerry Ferrara (Turtle), and even Adrian Grenier (who changed his Facebook photo) that said pretty much the same.

The Hollywood Reporter says the cast is “on the verge of signing.” Which means there’s a chance, albeit a small one, that this may fall apart at the last minute. What I’m saying is, don’t pop your collars and bust out your flat brimmed hats just yet, brah.

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