Guy Fieri Got Into a Fight With His Crying Hairdresser

Ariel Ramirez is Guy Fieri’s hairdresser. He’s the guy who douses his hair with peroxide and slathers in the product to make it do that douchey porcupine thing that’s become his trademark. He’s also the guy in the video below punching Guy through the open door of an SUV while crying.

TMZ explains that they were coming from SFO and had been drinking on the flight. They hired a car to take them home and then got into an argument which turned physical. That’s what you see in the video above. Guy is kicking Ariel while Ariel, who’s so mad he cries uncontrollably, swears and punches Guy. Guy ended up throwing Ariel out of the car and Guy’s manager then jumped out and took Ariel home in a cab.

A source says, “It was just dudes being dudes.” A rep adds, “A bunch of guys were messing around. Things got a little out of hand but they’re all good now.”

Makes perfect sense. I know when I get into a fight with my friend, I also cry uncontrollably while punching them. “You made me do this to you! Why did you make me do this to you?!”

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