Hulk Hogan in a Thong Riding a Wrecking Ball

Hulk Hogan decided to partner with a new webhosting company called Hostsamania. Turns out the allure of buying a few servers and then overloading them with as many users as possible to maximize profit and hoping that one of them won’t actually use their account to the fullest and bring the server crashing down was too great. Yea, I may have used a few shared hosts in my time.

To get some publicity for his new company, he decided to parody popular culture. And what’s more popular right now than Miley Cyrus riding a wrecking ball naked.

So here’s Hulk Hogan in a thong riding a wrecking ball in his trademark Hulkamania outfit. That’s the gist of it because I have no clue what’s happening for the first 30 seconds.

Bring me my puke bucket. Stat!

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