Jenna Jameson Was a Slurring Mess on ‘Good Day New York’

Jenna Jameson, who’s slowly morphing into the cat lady, was on Good Day New York promoting her erotic book trilogy with such lucidity that the president himself would have been impressed. Watch the interview to see a not at all high Jenna coherently answer questions about her book, her career and her life. Her enthusiasm was infectious. At no point during the interview did I want to slip into a coma.

Some points she slurred through were that she thought some of the comments about the adult industry in Lovelace were bull, that her erotic book was loosely based on her, that she was good at being monogamous during relationships even though she was being railed by a different dude every day of the week and that everything is going well with her and Tito. While she answered that Tito question, she looked like she was going to slit her wrists.

Sources say they ended the interview right after even though it was supposed to last another segment.

Tito has made claims that Jenna is addicted to Oxy and after watching this interview, it’s easy to see that Tito’s a dirty liar. She seems perfectly fine.

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