Justin Bieber Punched in the Face in a Dominican Republic Club?

Oh god, please let this be true. MediaTakeOut (crap, this isn’t looking good) reports that Justin Bieber snuck into Jet Set Club in the Dominican Republic where he ended up being punched in the face. It feels so satisfying typing that.

A fight started when Justin’s bodyguards started pushing partygoers. It looks like they didn’t “recognize when they saw a real n***a” because the clubgoers started fighting Justin’s bodyguards and almost trashed the club in the process.

At some point, they managed to get past the guards and punched Justin in the jaw. Bieber was quickly taken out the back door where a car took him back to his hotel. A video of the incident was posted online though it seemed to be missing the money shot.

That kid probably sharted his pants.

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Jason B
10 years ago

Oh God, fingers crossed. Let this be true indeed. This kid totally needs a dose of humility, even if it does come in the form of a fist.

Emmet Willis
Emmet Willis
10 years ago

Dear idiot Blemish writer,

The money shot isn’t there because Media Take Out is a toilet rag.

The punch didn’t happen.

Also have to say the only immaturity I can see being displayed here is coming from Jason B and the author of this post, both of whom are too stupid to see that wishing violence on a teenager they have never met reveals their own ignorance and latent rage.

10 years ago

Really? This is how you plan on getting views to the website, as another person in this comment section stated, ‘the punch didnt happen’ could say it better. Leave the poor guy alone, press, get off his back, hes 19.

4 years ago

how much immaturity out there. for real? wishing for a teenager to be pushed in the face? wow. this world really is getting worse and worse. Disgusting how someone can be THAT cruel. He’s a mf teenager so leave him tf alone.