Kanye West Showed Up on Jimmy Kimmel

Back in late September, Jimmy Kimmel did a skit where he had kids reenact parts of Kanye West’s interview with the BBC. Kanye thought he was being mocked and bitched him out on the phone and went in on him on Twitter. It’s where that amazing Jimmy Kimmel face Spongebob picture came from. Kanye deleted those tweets and went on Kimmel last night to explain his side of things.

That sort of happened. It was about 11 minutes of Kanye rambling on and on about how great he is while Kimmel jerked him off. Though at one point Kimmel did try to explain to him that he brings this criticism on himself but quickly qualified it by saying he’s misunderstood.

It’s what someone does when they want to criticize a person but don’t want to piss the them off because their fragile little ego can’t handle it. Sort of like how you would talk to a child. Actually, this interview was a lot like how you would talk to a child.

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Herman Bumfudle
Herman Bumfudle
10 years ago

zoo animal. i relate.