Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton Have a New Track Together

The prophecy had foretold of another Paris Hilton single. This time with twice the eardrum piercing screeching. Sadly, it has finally come to pass.

Paris Hilton has teamed up with Lil Wayne for “Good Time.” A single featuring Paris on the hook singing, “I might be a bit tipsy/But that’s okay ’cause you’re with me/Are you having a good time?/Cause I’m having a good time.”

Meanwhile, Lil Wayne sings, “I’m f*cked up/I can’t tell you what’s what/All she know is suck, f*ck/I walked up to a big butt and asked her ass but what/Tunechi never slacks without her button up.”

Powerful stuff, really. Clearly Lil Wayne’s formula for songwriting is to just throw a bunch of words together that rhyme.

The good news for you is UMG has claimed copyright on most of the videos so most of this has been scrubbed from YouTube. All there’s left is this Instagram teaser from Paris and this even shorter video. Enough to give you the shakes.

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