Man Card Revoked: Woman Slaps Boyfriend While He Pleads

This video of a Hong Kong woman slapping her boyfriend while he’s on his knees begging her to listen to his pleas is currently making the rounds.

The video starts in the middle of the argument where a 20-year-old woman slaps her kneeling boyfriend for allegedly bringing another woman to his apartment. And not just womanly slaps either. She full on grabs his hair like a caveman and lays into him. All this while he denies everything through choked tears and says it was all a misunderstanding. He even begs the girl (standing next to her) to say something. She doesn’t. Bitch ain’t about to get slapped too, ya know.

Kowloon City police eventually showed up and arrested the woman for common assault and sent the victim to the hospital for treatment. No word on if they could find his balls to reattach him.

The golden moments in the video are when a bystander says, “How can she do that when she’s so ugly?,” and, “Stand up. Ditch this ugly girl. You deserve better.” Though the real travesty is that his McDonald’s is getting cold. Ugh, hate cold fries.

The woman has already been doxed and all her info is online including a few more videos of the couple doing improv skits. You can see more at the source here.

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