Miley Cyrus Posted This on Twitter, Responds to Backup Dancer

People went nuts the other day when Miley Cyrus posted the above photo of herself in a red bathing suit on Twitter. She captioned it with just a “god bless october in la” but people called it shocking! too sexy! and mentioned the deep cleavage! Actually, I may have made that up. But it sounds like something people would write for those delicious pageviews.

In other “Miley Cyrus has no f*cks to give” news, she responded to Hollis Jane, the backup dancer who said she felt degraded while performing at the VMAs, in the best way anyone could. With a simple photo of her hanging out with the other little people backup dancers and hashtagging it with “#aslongasmybitchesloveme.”

I’m siding with Miley on that one because Hollis Jane sounded a tad over-sensitive. Plus, that tweet has just the right amount of dismissiveness to it. Like Hollis Jane gave Miley a 20 minute impassioned speech and Miley just smiled, shrugged, said, “whatevs,” and walked away.

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9 years ago

Is it just me or does Miley have old lady hands?

The Blemish
9 years ago
Reply to  Dani

Definitely old lady hands. Almost Madonna hands.