The ‘Nymphomaniac’ Actors Show Their O-Faces

In the latest promo for Lars von Trier’s pseudo-porn Nymphomaniac, each actor is featured in their own poster showing off their o-face.

Charlotte Gainsbourg’s is by far the best. Stacy Martin and Mia Goth are a close second. Uma Thurman looks pretty disinterested. What? You got somewhere else to be little missy?

Meanwhile, every single guy is creepy. The creepiest being Stellan Skarsgard. I feel like he’s about to rape me through my monitor. Shia LaBeouf naturally is all “whatever.” Christian Slater looks like he’s about to murder someone. Not sure what the hell Willem Dafoe is doing. It looks like when he comes he lets out a high pitched shriek. I’m worried the most about Udo Kier. He looks like he’s about to die.

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