Paris Hilton Lays Into Radio Host Not Knowing She’s Still On

Paris Hilton called into Bob and the Showgram morning show in Raleigh-Durham and ripped into the hosts after the interview was over. Problem was, she was still on air.

It all started when Bob Dumas asked Paris if she wished she had never made her sex tape. She kept relatively cool blaming it on Rick Salomon who she called “a very sick man.” Though she didn’t go on to explain how that made any sense considering you legally need both parties of a sex tape to sign off on its release.

She got off the call quick and, thinking she had hung up, called the guy a “fucking asshole” and complained that they didn’t even mention her single. You can hear the laughter from the hosts at the end.

I wonder why people call Paris duplicitous and fake. I just don’t see it. Why people don’t respect her more?

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10 years ago

What else is new about this thing that you keep posting gossip about? She is irrelevant.

10 years ago

Who is that? SHe looks vaguely familiar, like a distant memory or sumthing…