People Walked Out of Adrian Grenier’s Speaking Gig

In news that art doesn’t often imitate life, Adrian Grenier showed up at a speaking gig at Washington University last Wednesday where things did not go so well. The student paper wrote that audience members started walking out 20 minutes into his talk about sustainability and ending the use of plastic bags. Him telling people he was single and open to a relationship didn’t help attendance either as students kept leaving. By the time he finished talking, only the first few rows were filled. Yo, we want to hear what Ari Gold was like, bro not about this plastic bag sh*t!

While he is most well known for his roles on HBO’s “Entourage” and “The Devil Wears Prada,” Grenier’s presentation centered primarily on his beliefs about environmental activism and, a website he co-founded to promote people and small businesses engaged in sustainable efforts. A segment of his presentation was devoted to videos shared on the website.

People started walking out of the Congress of the South 40 event after about 20 minutes, and by the halfway point, approximately half were gone.

This was so boring I almost walked out halfway through reading this. Sadly, I have nowhere to go. Anyway, Adrian hit up the Three Kings to drink his troubles away. “Why won’t anyone listen to my ideas on sustainability,” he whined as someone near him instantly died from boredom.

Reports say Vinnie Chase ended up sipping on Patron, soda and orange juice with a splash of lime. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, he started asking the bartenders to give him free shots. When they refused, he tried to get girls at the bar to him shots. Vinnie Chase would seriously disapprove of this.

Although one fan did take him up on his offer. He asked what he was drinking but after hearing his “froufrou cocktail order,” he ordered him a shot of bourbon instead. 10:1 he probably thought to himself, “that’s so gay bro.”

Staff at Three Kings agreed that Grenier was “a real douche.” Also, he probably took that shot of bourbon like a bitch and asked for a pineapple chaser.

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