Range Rover Runs Over Mob of Bikers in NYC

Here’s the video of the Range Rover that ran over a mob of bikers in NYC during a “bike rally” over the weekend. The “bike rally” was really an excuse to disrupt traffic and do stupid stuff with bikes on the roads like run red lights, pop wheelies and harass cars.

Like this one biker who decided to brake check a Range Rover. Obviously, the SUV couldn’t brake fast enough, hits the bike and both stop. As a crowd of bikers surround the SUV, the driver guns it and runs over at least one biker. After a short chase, the SUV hits traffic. Other bikers surround the car, smash the man’s window in, pull him out and beat him in front of his wife and kid.

The biker that did the brake check now has a broken leg and another biker is lying in the hospital in a coma possibly paralyzed from the waist down. Reports indicate that when the Range Rover stopped the first time, bikers began damaging the car and slashing its tires. You can read more here.

Of course, bikers and the SUV driver have wildly different versions of what happened.

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10 years ago

I would have done the same. Alexian did the right thing defending himself and his family.