Rashida Jones Would Like Celebrities to Stop Acting Like Whores

Rashida Jones fired shots at celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj who show off their ass and cleavage on social media. She would like them to, “Stop it! Stop it, you whores!”

As expected, the tweet received mixed reactions. Some people agreed while others thought she was better than that.

She eventually clarified, “I don’t shame ANYone for anything they choose to do with their lives or bodies… BUT I think we ALL need to take a look at what we are accepting as ‘the norm’… There is a whole generation of young women watching. Sure, be SEXY but leave something to the imagination. Also, calling on all men to show me dat ass.”

That is to say, I don’t think my tweet asking her to “sho me dem tittays!” is going to be well received.

Bonus video: Nicki Minaj showing up at KMart in a pink Lambo. I’m in Bizarro World.

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