Rihanna Got a Traditional Maori Tattoo

Tattoos. Rihanna has a lot of them. Now she has even more. Her latest one wasn’t done with the usual tattoo gun though. Those are for pussies. Rihanna decided to do it the old fashioned way. The Maori way.

During a trip to New Zealand, she opted to remember it with a traditional Maori tattoo. In case you didn’t know, a Maori tattoo is done with chisel, ink pigment and a mallet. I’m already whimpering.┬áHere’s a video of Rihanna getting it done. At one point, they tell her to wipe away the blood from her hand.

There’s no way you could get me to do this. “Hey, you want me to give you a cool tattoo by hammering a chisel into you for 3 days?” That’s the equivalent of asking, “Hey, do you want me to repeatedly punch you in the face?”

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