Robert Pattinson Asked Kristen Stewart for Career Advice

Kristen Stewart may have cheated on Robert Pattinson causing an irreparable rift in their Twilight fan driven relationship but that hasn’t stopped Rob from asking Kristen for career advice. Specifically about starring in 50 Shades of Grey and whether or not it’d be good for his career. Her answer? Is you crazy?!

After being approached by the production company, Rob turned to Kristen for advice – at which point she told him it would be a ‘disaster’.

A source exclusively told omg!: “Kristen told him 50 Shades would be a disaster for him.

“He’s haunted by twilight and being too identified with that role, taking 50 Shades would mean a worse label for the rest of his career.

“Kristen told him that creatively, he shouldn’t do it, but if it’s about fame and money, he should. She told him he had to make the choice between the two, but warned that it would stick with him.”

That’s what she said? I thought it’d have been more along the lines of, “Sit topless in the front seat of a car while jerking two guys off.” It clearly worked for her.

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