Scary Spice Strips in Her Music Video

Scary Spice Mel B is back to making music. Her first single in 8 years “For Once in My Life” hit in late September but no one knew about it because she didn’t promote it.

Said Mel, “I didn’t make any big announcement whatsoever! I just sort of hit send on my computer, and out into the atmosphere it went!” Despite her misunderstanding of the internet — it goes through a series of tubes, not the atmosphere, duh — the video has racked up more than 200,000 views. While not Miley Cyrus levels, it’s a decent number for a generic dance track hitting every item on a pop music checklist.

At least she strips down in it. She has some fantastic, er, assets. By assets I mean boobs. Don’t know if you got that.

One more thing. At 2:35 before she makes out with herself, does anyone else notice that she’s really winded?

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