Sony Doesn’t Want You to See Ellen Page’s Nude CGI Character

The quick version of this story is Ellen Page and Willem DaFoe both did body scans for the video game Beyond: Two Souls. In one scene, Ellen Page’s CG character is taking a shower. You can’t see anything but the back and side of her breasts.

Well, players started noticing that this scene in the game held more data than the other scenes so they did what any enterprising man would do. Set out to find what that data was because there was a 90% chance it was Ellen Page’s CG boobs (David Cage games seem to always have fully nude renderings).

Running the game in debug mode, they managed to enable free view. That just means they were able to change the viewing angles. Lo and behold. Ellen Page’s boobs. Well, CG Ellen Page’s boobs which are almost as good because she did a body scan. You can read the Reddit thread here courtesy of DGMockingJay. Direct link to NSFW images here.

Anyway, this happened over a week ago. The past few days, Sony has been trying to scrub the images from the net. No word on why but some believe it’s because Page may have threatened a lawsuit against Sony.

Meanwhile, no one has bothered to search for nude images of Willem DaFoe in the game. Probably because if they wanted to see his giant penis flopping around, they could just watch this (NSFW).

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