Suzanne Somers Has Sex Three Times a Day

No one wanted to hear this but Suzanne Somers went on Access Hollywood Live to debunk Miley Cyrus’ claim that people don’t have sex after 40. Making everyone to vomit in their mouth a little, she told Billy Bush that she has sex twice a day and three times on weekends.

“That would be a Saturday or a Sunday when we’re just hanging around,” Suzanne told Access Hollywood Live’s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover when asked if she and her husband have “three-fers.” “I swear to God!”

God, please stop talking. Picturing a 66-year-old bumping real uglies with a 77-year-old is not the direction I wanted my day to go.

Suzanne, a longtime advocate of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, has been married to husband Alan Hamel for 36 years. At 77 years old, Bruce happily keeps up with Suzanne in the bedroom.

“He’s on hormones, I’m on hormones. A healthy person is a sexual person,” she said. “I mean, think about it – if you’re sick and don’t feel well, you’re not in the mood for sex.”

Argh. I can’t stop dry heaving now.

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10 years ago

WOW! Diet motivation “set” … picture her naked.

10 years ago

I bet she is a lot better sexually that those skinny models that look like teenage boys.