Beer Pong Player Caught Raping College Men

A Maryland man allegedly entered beer pong tournaments to meet college men and rape them. Well, they say you fish where the fish are. This past weekend, Joey Poindexter, a 38 year old real estate appraiser, was arrested for sexual assault. Police later found several photos in his home of college-age men “who appear to be in various states of consciousness and in compromising positions”.

According to the Baltimore Sun,

The alleged victim says he woke up at Poindexter’s house in the morning and recalled being sexually assaulted in the shower the night before.

Police say Poindexter enters beer pong tournaments and attends extreme sporting events to find his victims, and has raped at least 10 college-aged men in the past decade. Basically, this guy measures houses by day, and rapes men at night. And he’s all out of houses to measure.

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