Brazil Wants to Arrest Justin Bieber for His Graffiti and He’s an Ass

I figure I’d just do a rundown of Justin Bieber is a douchebag news for the day since there seems to be an abundance of it.

First up, Justin Bieber is facing arrest in Brazil after tagging the wall of a $36M hotel early Tuesday morning. Police say Justin could be arrested next time he tries to enter Brazil.

Bieber and his hanger-ons were caught spraying the wall at 3am in the morning. They drew faces, scribbled phrases like “Beliebers 4 life” and “respect privacy.”

Photogs trying to take pictures of Bieber had to call police after they were attacked by his bodyguards. One photog was half-naked after his clothes were ripped off. Another’s car was hit with bricks “ripped from the cobblestone pavement.” Apparently Bieber’s bodyguard is Bruce Banner.

Bieber reportedly gave the photogs the finger and told them to “suck my dick” when they tried to take pictures of him tagging the wall. Good kid. Real friendly.

To show you how big of an idiot this dickweed really is, he put up photos of him tagging walls on his Instagram.

In other news, footage of Justin Bieber stealing a security guard’s bike at the Palms Casino Resort in Vegas last September 14 emerged recently. Bieber and his people were in town to watch the Mayweather fight. He was coming in the building through an employee entrance when he saw a patrol bicycle. Naturally, he decided to take it and go joyriding through the halls while the poor sap security guard followed him trying to get his bike back. Why? Because when you’re Justin Bieber and have never had anyone tell you “no,” you turn into this asshole rich kid who thinks he can do anything he wants.

Justin was eventually stopped by security in suits who cornered him and forced Bieber to hand over the bike. They then gave Justin “a stern talking to” which I hear really made him turn his life around.

Sometimes I really do wish it was still old Vegas. A hammer to Justin’s knuckles would do him some good.

In yet other news, that hooker that took video of Justin Bieber sleeping who Justin Bieber’s people claimed wasn’t a hooker but actually a leftover party guest? She’s actually a hooker. It didn’t take long for Egotastic to find pictures of Tati Neves posing naked in a magazine called Private where she advertised her services as a call girl.

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10 years ago

Before saying S* my dic* Bieber should get one xD