Isla Fisher Tried to Save Julianne Hough from Blackface

During a Halloween party on October 25th, Isla Fisher tried to save Julianne Hough from the pitchfork wielding internet folk by suggesting she wipe off the racially insensitive blackface she was wearing as part of her Orange Is the New Black costume before pictures could be taken of her. It was too late.

In an attempt to help, the Wedding Crashers comedienne recommended that Hough “go to the bathroom and wipe her face off,” the source says. (Fisher’s rep denies that she intervened.) “Isla hoped she got to Julianne before photos were taken,” the insider adds.

No such luck. Pictures of the Safe Haven star in costume quickly made the rounds online, sparking outrage and criticism. By the next day, the backlash was so intense that Hough felt compelled to issue an apology on Twitter.

Even if she got to her before paparazzi could take pictures, it wouldn’t have helped considering she posed for a group picture on Instagram. She was screwed either way. It’s also kind of odd that none of her friends told her this was a terrible idea. Unless her friends secretly hate her. Then it makes perfect sense.

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