Josh Brolin Got in a Bar Fight, Gave Hugs

Josh Brolin had an eventful weekend. First he rear-ended a cab at a Del Taco drive-thru in LA some time before midnight last Friday. Josh started yelling at him when the cabbie tried to exchange info. Brolin argued that it was only a scratch and then screamed, “You’re a f*cking asshole…You suck as a cab driver.” I feel like I need to remind you Brolin was the one who rear-ended him. Brolin claimed the cabbie was trying to milk him for money telling him that the scratches weren’t from him.

When the cab driver pulled forward, Brolin took off. Presumably to a bar to get wasted and belligerent as one does.

Another report says heĀ got into a fight with a bouncer at O’Brien’s Irish Pub in Santa Monica at closing time. The problem? He didn’t want to leave. When one of the bouncers lead him aside, Josh started throwing hands.

Maybe throwing hands isn’t the most accurate description. It was more like drunk flailing that semi-amused, semi-annoyed the bouncers. The bouncer eventually tricked Brolin into believing they were hugging earlier. I have no idea how that worked but they ended up hugging it out. The bouncer tried to get Josh into a cab but he ran off into the night like a greased pig.

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