Justin Bieber Caught Sneaking Out of Whorehouse

Days after rumors that Justin Bieber slept with a prostitute in Panama comes photos of him actually leaving a brothel in Rio de Janeiro. Pictures showed Justin trying to sneak out underneath a blanket. It didn’t quite work because you can see his tattoos.

Reports say Bieber and a friend spent three hours inside the whorehouse Centauros before leaving with two women. Two of the hours were probably spent trying to figure out what to do with a real live girl. They probably did a quarterback huddle to figure out how to unhook a bra and where to stick their penises. “In the belly button, right?”

Bieber ran out under a blanket while the women from the brothel were escorted separately to his hotel. One member of his team tried spraying photogs with water demanding they stop taking pictures. I’m sure they all politely agreed. “Of course we’ll stop taking pictures of the world’s biggest douchebag leaving a whorehouse. No problemo.”

Reports say Justin was later kicked out of his hotel for breaking the rules. Apparently they have a strict “no whores allowed” policy. Go figure.

Page Six says it costs around $200 – $400 to sleep with a prostitute there and that while prostitution is legal in Brazil, running a brothel isn’t.

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10 years ago

Full of man-whores, of course.