Justin Bieber Got Huffy After Being Hit With a Water Bottle

Justin Bieber is having a great week. First there was that Panamanian prostitute who said Bieber wanted to give her all his semen and then there were those pictures of him trying to sneak out of a whorehouse and now there’s video of him getting hit with a water bottle while performing in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Not just any old video of Bieber getting hit with a water bottle, mind you. One of THE best videos of any performer being hit with a water bottle.

Before getting to the video, here’s a quick recap of his day leading up to it. The Telegraph reported that Justin showed up three hours late to a meet and greet which fans paid up to $1,600 for, he was an hour and 20 minutes late for his concert that night at the Anhembi Arena and that he kicked a Brazilian flag that had been thrown onto a walkway by the crowd. Which is what makes this so satisfying to watch.

You can see the water bottle fly with such purpose that it knocks the mic out of his hand causing him to glare at everyone. Bwahahaha. Of course he acted like a child and stomped off like a hurt 2-year-old. Fans waited 30 minutes for him to return but realized it wasn’t going to happen once his people started packing his equipment away. It was the equivalent of taking his ball home.

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10 years ago

He looks like a chimpanzee the way he walks. Really can’t stand this little girl.