Kim and Kanye Are Suing YouTube Co-Founder Chad Hurley

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have filed suit against Chad Hurley, the co-founder of YouTube, for leaking a video of their marriage proposal. Kim and Kanye claim Hurley manipulated his way into the AT&T stadium as an uninvited guest but that they allowed to stay after he signed a confidentiality agreement. Kim and Kanye even got a picture of him with the signed agreement.

They accuse him of surreptitiously filming the proposal just so he could put it up on MixBit, his new online video venture. They claim the images were proprietary and implied that the video was slated for broadcast on E!. No word on the dollar amount they’re looking for but rest assured it will be very specific. Because when you’re a Kardashian, you absolutely can put a price on privacy.

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