In Response to Teresa Palmer and Nina Dobrev and Hollywood Standards

Looks like sexily accented Teresa Palmer, hot Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev and their fans have taken offense to a certain post I made about Palmer walking around pregnant in sweats. Palmer wrote,

I was photographed here on my front porch this morning moving boxes into my new home. I don’t understand why I need hair/makeup/styling to do such a thing. Hollywood standards can be so disgusting. I am proud to represent a actress who doesn’t need to live according to illusions.

Nina Dobrev echoed the sentiment by retweeting the post and adding, “Im sry that ppl r so unhappy W/themselves that they need to be nasty toward others. Congrats-Cant wait 2 meet your little angel!” A bit of an overreaction but whatever.

On Monday, the ass-kissing Wetpaint wrote, “Look, guise! Teresa and Nina are standing up against the ugly side of beauty culture. Lulz! You go, girlz!” Not exactly in those words, but that was the gist of it.

Of course, if you actually read the original post without an irrational bias, you’d realize the tone was less, “Haha, look at this ugly bitch in her sweats. Why is this famous person dressed like that? She should be ashamed of herself,” and more, “Wonder what the stereotypical gay fashion designer would say about this? I bet he’d be sassy.” A question similar to what I ask myself every day when I look in the mirror and before my laughter turns into muffled sobs.

Anyway, this is all pretty stupid considering the post was a joke made to show that celebrities are just like us. But when you’re surrounded by yes-men and the Wetpaints of the world, your skin gets thinner, you can’t laugh at yourself and everything is a slight against you.

Though I am glad Teresa is an “actress who doesn’t need to live according to illusions.” You go, girl!

Am I doing it right?

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10 years ago

Is that a trailer she’s coming out of?

10 years ago

No dear Victor, you’re not doing it right. Your trying to generalize what you said and trying pass your sass off onto some vague gay fashion designer. By the way, I’m not sure why you have to say ‘gay’. Not trying to take away anything from your journalism capacity (based on this fluff piece) but you’d be arrogant to think you are not beyond putting your foot in your mouth. Sure, the joke was meant to be harmless, but taking offense is the jokee’s prerogative. Again, you say celebrities, but that’s a pregnant woman right there. Much less forgivable than… Read more »

john o'hoolihan
john o'hoolihan
10 years ago
Reply to  Pallav

“…your skin gets thinner, you can’t laugh at yourself and everything is a slight against you.”

this quote from the article can be applied to the writer just as much as it can Palmer.