Richie Incognito Really Loves the N-Word

If you haven’t been following the Richie Incognito story, here’s a short recap. Richie Incognito was a Miami Dolphins lineman until he was indefinitely suspended for constantly harassing his teammate Jonathan Martin, leaving threatening messages on his voicemail and calling him a “half-n****r.” He once also threatened to sh*t in his mouth and promised to track down members of Martin’s family and hurt them. His dad even joined in on the fun.

Now video shot of him several months ago shows how much of a psycho he really is. The video below shows Richie stalking around the Dirty Blondes pool hall in Fort Lauderdale yelling things like, “Mike Pouncey, n***a!,” and “F**k your shirt!”

I assume that’s how he announces someone’s presence like they did in the olden days when a member of the royal family showed up at an establishment. This sounded much more formal though.

One important question to ask is, does this guy have a “n***a pass” or does no one say anything to him because he’ll pound them into the ground like Donkey Kong? I’m thinking reason B because reason A is not a real thing.

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10 years ago

Stay classy.