Shoppers Gone Wild: A Collection of Black Friday Fights and Chaos

Enjoy your turkey sandwich, unbuckle that belt and watch Black Friday chaos at its finest. Let’s express some gratitude for:

Walmart pretending its store isn’t one big fustercluck.

$49 Blu-ray players at Walmart. Hello, Netflix anyone?

Goofy pranks kids play on shoppers and the shoppers who don’t take too kindly to them.

More cheap Chinese-produced goods. Why do people want them? Who knows, who cares! It’s Black Friday!!

The word ‘bitch’ so that one can use it when fighting in the purse section at Target.

Walmart Black Fridays. Endless source of entertainment (and mockery).

Elderly ladies fighting. Of course it took place at a Walmart.

Cheap leggings. Bitch better not be wearing my leggings to the holiday party.

Men willing to drop their Black Friday bootie and protect their loved ones from the zombie herd.

PS4s. Even Londoners love Black Friday.

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